Procedures catalog

My training and advanced training in surgical gynecology with specializations in endoscopic and laser surgery throughout the years enables me to offer a large array of outpatient and inpatient procedures to my patients at the Day Hospital “Am Brand”.

Endoscopic surgery in the abdominal area

  • Appendectomy
  • Diagnostics with unfulfilled wish to have a child
  • Diagnostics due to unclear lower abdominal pain
  • Removal of myomas
  • Removal of tubal or abdominal pregnancies
  • Removal of ovaries
  • Removal of cysts
  • Tubal cauterization with fulfilled wish to have a child
  • Removal of uterus due to severe menstrual disorders or other diseases while keeping the cervix to help support the pelvic floor
  • Removal of adhesions
  • Surgery of the fallopian tubes and ovaries due to the wish to have a child
  • Surgical treatment of endometriosis

Procedures in the uterus and on the cervix

  • Removal of malformations
  • Removal of uterine mucosa with menstrual disorders
  • Implantation or removal of an IUD
  • Removal of a tumor from the uterine cavity, e.g. polyps or myomas
  • Uterine endoscopy for diagnostics with the wish to have a child and, if necessary, mucosa sampling
  • Conic excision on the cervix with remarkable cytological findings (conization)

Surgery on the vagina and external genitalia

  • Removal or repair of the hymen
  • Removal of vaginal tumors
  • Build-up of pelvic floor muscles and narrowing of the vagina
  • Removal of malformations of the labia minora and majora
  • Removal of cysts and malformations of the vagina
  • Removal of cysts and tumors on the labia minor and majora
  • Removal of genital warts in the external genital and anal area

Breast surgeries

  • Removal of a palpable benign tumor or cyst

Dermal procedures

  • Removal of connective tissue growths or lipomas
  • Removal of anal skin tags
  • Wart removal

I use the CO2 laser in most of the aforementioned procedures. Please contact me, if you have any questions regarding a scheduled surgery.