Professional career

1962–1969 Medical school, Marburg and Düsseldorf
1969 Conferral of a doctorate, Düsseldorf
1970 Licensed to practice medicine, Düsseldorf
1970–1975 Residency in gynecology, Mönchengladbach,
Cologne and Duisburg
1977 Approval as sports physician, German Sports Association North-Rhine
1976–1983 Independent work in executive position
at several clinics
1984 Opened gynecology practice with the specification “outpatient surgery”, Mainz-Gonsenheim
2007 Founded the private medical center for prevention,
diagnostics and surgery in Mainz
2008 Extension of the private practice to a reference center for colposcopy and endometriosis

Responsible association: Local medical association Rhenish Hesse,
Hegelstrasse 61, 55122 Mainz, Germany,